RARE birds photographer Marta Serrano (b. Madrid, 1977) is a self-taught photographer who lives and works in Amsterdam. Her work has been extensively exhibited in national and international solo and group shows while she’s been traveling around the globe to capture the common narrative that exits among all young men while celebrating their striking differences. Africa, Cuba, Brazil, India, Europe, …

Serrano searches for beauty and strangeness in the world, yearning for subjects that bring intensity yet quietly resonates within all of us. For her, each photo is a poetic observation, a degree of empathy towards a total stranger, finding immense comfort in familiar faces in unfamiliar territories. Through the lens, she discovers how they present themselves to the world in their personal, domestic, social, public and private environments and reflects about aspects of personality, life, dreams, victories and prides, taboos and shyness. She looks for the truthfulness of feelings and emotions, the individual freedom that is in each of us. Feeling and being in the purest form.


Bus stop, 2014

Size photoprint: 30 x 42 cm, canson platine fibre rag paper.

Edition 25

Possible with handmade woodenframe white/ black / blanco