Hel Ved photographers agency & gallery has been invited by the Melkweg Gallery to curate a group exhibition.

The outcome: Ritualism.

Even though we may not always be aware of it, rituals are still very much a part of our everyday lives. You could even say ritualism is our most contemporary form of religion. Sometimes these rituals are meant to confirm our role in society, at other times they are meant to help us break free from that role. Ritualism focuses on the latter.

Photographers on exhibition:

Iain Mckell | Work from his New Gypsies project not shown before.

Yvonne Brandwijk | A series about ‘eco sapeurs’ in Kinshasa, Congo, who worship style.

Also on display: Tim Georgeson, Jochem Sanders, Antonio Jose Guzman, Sharieta Berghuis and Isolde Woudstra.