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    Miami Baby! Visit RARE birds @Artwynwood2017 @booth AW405

    We are ready for you. Visit us at booth AW405 RARE birds gallery @Artwynwood2017.

    On regular fair days: Friday 17 February until Monday 20th February from 11am -7pm. The VIP opening is on Thursday 16th February from 6-10pm. Need a free card? email leonie@rarebirds.nl.

    Proud to announce we present the work of emerging artists Isolde Woudstra, Isabelle Wenzel, Sharieta Berghuis, Marta Serrano and Sanja Marusic.

    Also on display: the work ‘Hurry Up & Wait’ of New York photographers duo Tribble & Mancenido is selected for the Marquis Marriot in Brickell area Miami.


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    Newest work of Sanja Marusic at Artwynwood2017 in Miami

    The work of Sanja Marusic reminds us of our travels in outstretched, desolate landscapes with bright contrasts and colors. Though human figures appear in almost every frame, the landscape is the real protagonist in her stories. The humans are not being portrayed, but rather used as props. They seem to be unaware of the camera, their bodies coiled in uncomfortable positions or even brought out of focus. Her images suggest the transition between two moments; the in-between shots that most photographers dismiss. It’s actually these images that are esthetically most pleasing.

    Marusic won at age seventeen the Elle Photography Award. She graduated as one of the youngest students at the Royal Academy of Arts in the Netherlands with an Honorable Award. Her Work has been exhibited in Moam&Foam Photography Museum and the Unseen Photo Festival in Amsterdam amongst others.

    During Artwynwood in Miami this February we will show work of her newest series Figures Under the Sun (2016).

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    Always wanted to peek behind the scenes of artist Isabelle Wenzel?

    Künstlerin Isabelle Wenzel

    Körperliche Verrenkungen und ein bisschen Artistik. Die Fotos von Künstlerin Isabelle Wenzel sind nichts für Bewegungsmuffel, denn sie inszeniert Körper – meistens sogar ihren eigenen.

    Geplaatst door Westart live op zondag 17 april 2016

    Always wanted to peek behind the scene of an artist at work? See how trained acrobat and German artist Isabelle Wenzel include performance, sculpture and photography in her work.

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    Meet Marta Serrano!

    While traveling around the globe she captures the common narrative that exits among all young man in Africa, Cuba, Brazil and so on. Serrano searches for beauty and strangeness in the world, yearning for subjects that bring intensity yet quietly resonates within all of us. For her, each photo is a poetic observation, a degree of empathy towards a total stranger, finding immense comfort in familiar faces in unfamiliar territories. Through the lens, she discovers how they present themselves to the world in their personal, domestic, social, public and private environments and reflects about aspects of personality, life, dreams, victories and prides, taboos and shyness. She looks for the truthfulness of feelings and emotions, the individual freedom that is in each of us. Feeling and being in the purest form.

    Serrano’s work have been exhibited in national and international shows. We are proud that Serrano is one of the artists we bring to Artwynwood in Miami this February.

  • 26/01/17 EVENTS

    It’s happening: RARE birds presents Isabelle Wenzel on ARTWYNWOOD 2017

    Trained as an acrobat since the age of six, German artist Wenzel confronts the visitor with partly surreal and partly dynamic studies of the human body. The show cropped sections of a performance created especially for the camera. She embraces the thrill of a 10-second self-timer to jump into the frame and defies gravity.

    Wenzel received several grants like the European Photo Exhibition Award from the Körber-Stiftung Hamburg in 2011, the Mondriaan Fonds in 2013 and from the Kunstfonds Nordrhein Westfalen in 2106 amongst others. Her work has been widely exhibited in national and international solo and group shows.

    Interested in her work? Please visit RARE birds @ARTWYNWOOD2017 from 16-20 February 2017. BOOTH: AW405. Want to be on guestlist? sent email to leonie@rarebirds.nl

  • 16/01/17 EVENTS

    RARE birds will join artfair ART WYNWOOD 2017!

    Winter is coming! Renowned artfair ART MIAMI is bringing their premier Winter seasons art fair: ART WYNWOOD. Happy to announce RARE birds will join! ARTWYNWOOD has solidified its distinct identity by continuing to create experimental exhibitions presenting the highest level of art. 70 international contemporary galleries will be present. From cutting edge, emerging young talent to world-reknowned artists. In the most funky art district of Miami: Wynwood. We will exhibited from 16th to 20th of February 2017. On the VIP list? Send an email to leonie@rarebirds.nl.

  • 16/01/17 EVENTS

    These birds do fly: RARE birds found a new base at sparkling Miami!

    We spread our wings and found our new base at sparkling Miami! We bring you the RARE birds: the rare rising talent straight out of the land of the Dutch Masters. With our roots in Amsterdam we specialize in European art, Dutch photography in particular.

    Please stay tuned about our next exhibition.

  • 16/11/16 EVENTS

    Aqua Art Miami 2016

    We were part in building Aqua Art Miami 2016. We turned these bit run down art-deco hotelrooms into small colorful exhibition places. More then 50 international contemporary galleries were present. With more then 2.000 visitors a day, you may call it a huge success. Personally we found this the most surprisingly artfair during Art Basel 2016 in Miami, mostly because of it’s original set up.